Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bride

This is Shannon, Tim's friend of 11 years. Today we went to her wedding reception for which we flew from Boston to Texas. It was a very Texan wedding party, on a real ranch with a meadow, orchard and what-not. There was lots of good food (including a brisket) and drinks, and the owner of the estate showed us around. He is in construction and built the entire farm and adjacent buildings himself. He has a jeep from WWII, and other toys rich Texans play with, like a fishing boat, model trains, and hunting gear. The temperature was also quite Texan (sizzling!), so afterwards we went to cool off in the pool. If only the water was a little colder.....  but all in all, it was a hoot and a half!
(this time tim wrote... and i took the picture....)


Tim said...

what a beaut!

CaT said...

yes! pretty, huh?!
and the location of the party was truly amazing... maybe we should marry in texas as well... hahahahaha!

Shannon said...

Timmy I can't comment on myself and how ravishing I look. Haha.
I think you should get married in Texas but not in the middle of summer please.