Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skating rink!

we went roller blading tonight! in a real american skate center. i only knew those from the movies, and the big bang theory (look at howard's purple pants!!). for only 7.50 we could skate as long as we wanted, including skate rental. i remember i used to love roller blading.... so much that at one point i was that good that i could skate real hard and then hit the wall.... i went on with it until i broke my arm... 
anyways... i thought roller blading is similar to biking; something they say you will never forget how to do. that wasnt quite the case! i felt very insecure and unstable on those things (and mind you; they were real roller blades, not inline skates), but after a while i kind of new again how to do it... and it was cool! going round and round... and just the entire ambiance.... the music, the lowly lit skating rink, all the kids going really fast. i felt like a real american!! :D
and so i was sure roller blading was an american invention. but information at the skating rink told us that it was actually an unknown dutchman in the 1700s that wanted to go iceskating in summer, and thus put some wheels under his shoes... oh, what would the world be without the dutch?! ;)
above; thats me...  :)


Mriekje said...

That's a great shot!!! :-) I actually have real rollerblades... The black ones with red wheels. Haven't used them for ages, they're catching a lot of dust... Maybe I should bring them when moving to California...?

CaT said...

i think you defenitely should!! i want to go again to such a skating rink and already looked up if they have one in/around boston... much nicer than bowling...!