Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alligator safety

as you can see, there were some warning notes, but quite ahead of the plastic fence, i was surprised about that too. we actually were just driving, and then we saw many, many people with cameras hanging over some ditch... so we turned the car and then we saw allll those alligators lying around there! it was a little weird. and indeed, i was wondering about the warnings... but they came a little later. here we were actually standing on some bridge, and the alligators were below, as you can see...
we also did a tour (im looking for a pic now, but they are a bit disappointing), and the guide told us that during summer (i think?), anyways, when the waters are high in the everglades (now they are low, brownish and stinky, and then they are clear and you could drink it, he said), the alligators move much more, are much active, and they also cross the highway (the one we drove on!!!), so you see some dead ones along the road, that had been hit by cars... :(
unfortunately, the info center was just closing when we were here.


Nellies said...

Wow, impressive alligator photos! I only "know" the Everglades from tv (like in CSI Miami :-)) Thanks for sharing, really great to see the alligators so up close and personal behind a crappy fence. 'Fijne Oudejaarsavond'!

Tim said...

this alligator looks totally fake haha