Monday, December 12, 2011

Urban outfitters

urban outfitters is a very hip store. or so they pretend to be. the young people working there are also very hip. they are so hip that its almost non-hip.... i never dare looking at them let alone speak, as im not sure what will come out of them. will i even be able to understand their language? surely they are not from the same world as i am. moreover, they never give me the feeling im worthy to speak to in the first place, certainly im not as fashionable as they are...  i think i never bought anything, although we go to this shop every now and then. i guess its these uberstyled employees that put me off. if they look like that in these clothes... or perhaps just the price... they also have a lot of stuff for your home, extremely expensive but oooh sooo cute. stuff you really dont need, but would love to have, as it looks soooo cooolll. luckily, a lot of that stuff is either too cool or too expensive, and thus the price will be significantly reduced after a while... thats when we come in, and buy it all. thats why we now have a door-mat that says "home sweet apartment" (marked down from 30 to 2 dollars), and some journal in which i am supposed to make one sketch a day. not that i ever sketch... (marked down from 16 to 2.5 dollars) just to give you an idea of the kind of stuff they sell (and what i think its worth).
anyways... now i saw the abovepictured signs on their windows. "save $$$$ for booze"???! that really was too "snazzy" (just found that word in the dictionary, not sure its correct...) for me, i just couldnt go inside. or does it mean im getting old?


biebkriebels said...

Some shops you better can visit at sales, but it is always nice to look around.

Nellies said...

I love Urban Outfitters for their fun stuff, I think their clothes are a little bit weird (but maybe I'm getting too old for this store :-)) They are expensive and it is a good thing to wait for their stuff to go on sale. But "save $$$$$ for booze" yes I find that weird too!

Tim said...


Kay said...

Yes, weird. And sales people with attitude? Hello? It's not like that's such a special job that they're better than anyone else.

Go back after Christmas if there are other things you like. . .You're likely to find something snazzy.