Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Subway entrance

this is the subway entrance to south station. i think there are 4 of these, even, for the train in each direction on either side of the street.
i also like the thingies in between for the many, many free magazines you can get. most of them i have never seen! often they are empty anyways, and in areas with lots of homeless people they are usually used as storage for their blankets... so, beware... :)


biebkriebels said...

Nice photo, sad there are put blankets in the thingies!

hamilton said...

we have those paper boxes here cluttering up the streets - never seen any blankets left in them (but that is a good idea on the homeless' part!)

the subway entrance has the distinctive features of a Libeskind design.

Kay said...

Nice shot! Those enclosures add some interest to the entrances.

Jack said...

I have never looked closely enough at the newspaper boxes to see the stored blankets. That is probably a sensible thing to use them for.