Friday, November 2, 2012

Mobile devices

this was in the getty museum in los angeles where we were back in may. actually tim say these girls first, immersed in their phones... hmmm. now i look at it i wonder whether the blond one really is looking at her phone, but the other one defenitely is! :) 
here in boston in the subway most people are on their phones too. i think at least 50% of the passengers spends the entire ride tapping on the thing. then there are some with e-readers (or whatever you call them), and then there are just a few that have a real book or magazine... i just read that newsweek will go digital only from the new year onwards!! im glad i discontinued my subscription, because i dont have an e-reader or a fancy phone... so how would i ever be able to read their articles on the train or while im in the gym..?!
sometimes i wonder whether i dont miss something, without a fancy phone. but then i try a game on tims phone and i am just horrible at it (and dont enjoy it), or the other day i needed to retrieve a specific email while using his phone; it drove me crazy as i mistyped my password i dont know how many times on the little screen. so i guess no 800 dollar new iphone for me... i use a very simple prepaid without camera, without T9, and unfortunately usually without very good sound (i.e. when someone calls me i usually dont hear what they are saying, so i prefer not to pick up and send texts instead). am i getting old...?


biebkriebels said...

Modern times indeed. LOL, you and your phone. I always forget to take it with me, I never use it to call somebody. When I am away, I am away, I think it is a kind of control to know where everybody is all the time.

Kay said...

We only have cell phones - the dumb kind. We just "upgraded" to new dumb phones that supposedly have better sound quality. When I asked a friend what he uses his iPad for, he told me "games." Seems like a lot of $$ to play games. But I admit to really loving my Kindle, more than I ever expected. I love having so much reading in a light unit, and it's easier to read because the text and lighting is even and uniform on every page. I'm reading on it all the time now.

hamilton said...

my first thought is that their long hair has come in handy as a shade!
my phone is used only as a phone, too. I don't want to miss what is around me, so would never want to play games on it all the time.