Wednesday, July 24, 2013

American diner

this was back in boston. saugus, to be precise, on route 1. quite a typical dinner in a very american diner.. no? somewhere between the fries is a gigantic burger! when the waitress brought it to our table, i wondered why i ordered this... haha... i was recovering from one of the many colds i have had this year and didnt eat much. but it was our last time in that restaurant.... buuuhh!!
back in the netherlands we have not been out to eat once yet! its easier, faster and cheaper in the us (and usually even more unhealthy than here). ah, and most restaurants are open till late, not like here where you can often find the kitchen closed by 9, or earlier... 
compared to yesterday it was a little less hot today. rain was expected but didnt come. it did in the south of the netherlands, where it turned into quite a mess. in some places it rained in a few hours as much as normally in a month!


Kay said...

The mouth probably says, "Oh, yummy!" but my brain says, "Gross!"

Jack said...

One thing I have finally learned, after many decades of eating, is that it is OK to say "I'm done" while there is still food on my plate.

If you have a ceiling like that under yours, let me know. I will be over immediately.