Friday, January 3, 2014

In Utrecht

this is in utrecht, the 4th biggest city of the netherlands, where i used to live before moving to boston. i have to admit i like utrecht better than amsterdam. its smaller, less crowded, certainly less tourists (but more students, or so it seems). it has canals too, of course... :) in the back you see the dom tower, long the tallest building in the city. and as you can see, we have mc donalds in the netherlands as well! downstairs are a lot of restaurants and bars, and in summer those terraces are filled with tables (if the weather is any good), so that you can sit outside.
and while the east coast of the us is in a snowstorm right now, we have some of the warmest temperatures for this time of the year since a very long time! yet, its not pleasant out; quite some rain and lots of wind. beeeeehhhhhh!


Jack said...

With the canal, it looks a lot like Amsterdam to me. You wouldn't like being in snowy and cold Boston today.

Kay said...

I've seen some horrifying photos of "black waves" that have been hammering the Portuguese coast. They've been having quite some storms. And now North America is having an "artic vortex." It's been colder here than usual for a while, but now we're back into grey and wet. I won't complain when I can imagine much worse.