Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bizarre animals

this is in the Harvard museum of natural history, which you can enter for free if you are a mass resident, or when you have a harvard ID, or on the first weekend of each month when having a bank of america card. all 3 apply to me, yet i went there only once.. :) i liked the museum. it is in an old building, and there is maybe a little too much to see... it is so crammed that the gigantic skeletons of different whales are hanging 3 species thick above each other in a small space with very high ceiling.
this text in particular made me laugh and since then i sometimes think about it, while replacing south for north... ;)  (am i bad?)
i cannot get the american obsession with food, for example. just read that in NYC fast food chains are required (!!) to put calorie counts on their menus. in fact, i see that a lot... and up till recently calories never meant much to me. but then i started going to the gym; the stupid bike counts how many calories you burn. so.. now i often check how many calories are in whatever i am eating, and when comparing that to how much effort it costs me to burn 500 calories at the gym... i actually have the feeling going to the gym is not worth it at all!! in no time the 500 are back again! hahahahaha!
an interesting detail this morning in the newspaper: the cheesecake factory shrimp pasta contains 2727 calories, which is the equivalent of 6 mc donalds quarter pounders (6!!). needless to say, i like to go to both places every now and then.... :)


Tim said...

isolation of north america for about 100 years has led to the evolution of decadent culture

Tim said...

or: isolation of humans from the animal kingdom for about 2000 years has led to the evolution of stupid humans who think other creatures are bizarre

CaT said...

i like them both.. :)
too bad i write the accompanying texts myself..