Thursday, January 12, 2012

Street art

without a real plan or tourist guide we randomly drove around in miami, perhaps driving through streets and neighborhoods that you should avoid... but more importantly, letting ourselves be surprised by the most interesting things!
we drove by this enormous mural and i could not believe its size! so... ofcourse we parked somewhere to take some pictures. i was disappointed with them back home, but it was hard with so much sun and shadow at the same time... :( this is in the wynwood art/fashion, which used to have mainly abandoned warehouses, but recently has many art galleries and studios. and, as you can see, walls that are painted by street artists. apparently, there are 100s of murals around this district, which are there legally!!, making it one of the biggest street art districts in the world (we did not see that much, but the wall next to this one was beautifully painted too, i will post that some other time).
above "the sunbather" by daniel fila, which was completed less than 2 months ago. since 8 years, fila paints this wall, but never a piece this big. next to the wall there is some sand, so it seems that she really is lying on the beach. on purpose i pictured the billboard above it. as you can see, this mural is really huge! moreover, it illustrates an interesting question posed by the street artist banksy; what is defacing the neighborhood more? 


Nellies said...

Great mural, great photo!!

Andy said...

I think you got a good shot regardless of lighting conditions. I am trying to post a mural every Monday. Join in if you like.

biebkriebels said...

Wow, this is huge indeed, but I like the pose and the sand. It is inviting to lay yourself down next to her on the sand.

Kay said...

Huge, interesting mural! It sounds like a very unique neighborhood. It would be nice to be immersed in so much big art.

CaT said...

i think it actually was not the best neighborhood regarding safety... and i wish we had had more time to walk around... but we didnt... :(

Gunn said...

One to remember!:)
Creative and unique ART!