Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big blue

although several of the artworks of the "fuck off 2" exhibit were not worth watching (they merely seemed made to provoke, but not in a sophisticated way, not making you think about china at all!!), a few things i did like. i liked the above "the big blue". it was one wall, covered with plastic bags filled with a blue liquid (5 tons of it!!), and it just looked like the ocean! i had a quite irresistible urge to stick a needle in those bags, but i didnt... (some were already a bit leaky though).
the liquid actually is some sort of toilet detergent used in china, named "toilet treasure". the artist wanted to make you think about industrialization, and how something resembling the sea and/or the ocean is actually just made of... something you flush down the toilet.
this afternoon we went to a food & vintage market not too far from our place. but there was too much food, and no vintage! the stuff they did try to sell was just old crap displayed in a fancy way so that they could ask ridiculous amounts of money, just by labeling it "vintage". all the hipsters running around probably just loved it, but it made me and tim miss "our" thrift store close to our apartment in the usa...! luckily we still have several of our usa-shipped boxes to unpack with some real vintage finds for just a small price... (but first we need to make some space here! and get some cupboards etc...)


biebkriebels said...

The walls and the art is colourful, that would have smellted of a toilet when one was leaking, ha,ha.

Kay said...

I was thinking of needles even before I read your comment. (Really, I'm not destructive; it just looks irresistible.)

I hate when "vintage" carries an upcharge just because someone's polished it or done a nice display. Thrift stores or garage sales are much less precious. Do people have garage sales in the Netherlands?